According to Unicef, Zimbabwe alone has over one million orphans especially as a result of HIV AIDS, to put things in perspective Zimbabwe has a population of 12million people. These children face extreme poverty and are left with no choice but to find ways of looking after themselves at such a tender age and in many cases become bread winners providing for themselves and their orphaned siblings. It’s little wonder many have dropped out of school as they cannot afford to eat talk less of paying school feels to face an uncertain future

The implication of these that millions of children grow up daily without the love and care they deserve. Recent reports also shows that 60% of orphaned girls are lured into prostitution while 70% of the boys become hardened criminals and many end up sold as slaves

Lighthouse Hope Mission is assisting a number of children in Zimbabwe; these children in most cases live with their grandparents or elderly relatives who are usually too old to farm thus compounding the level of poverty. A lot of the children stay out of school because the grandparents cannot afford the school fees. Our aim is to help sponsor 20 children, what this means is funding their education and providing additional help to the grandparents to help them feed themselves and their grandchild.

The cost of doing this is £25per month that is less than £1 a day. Can you help change a life just by sparing £1 a day or perhaps a one off donation? Please let us know if you can help sponsor a child for a month, for a year or however long you are willing to support them

We may not be able to help the 1million orphans but we can help these 20!