Can anyone order?

Yes, as long as you REALLY need it and live in the Maidstone area. Please do not request if you can afford it, our desire is to reach the people that need it the MOST. Thanks for your understanding

Do you do home delivery?

Not exactly, we'll expect you to please pick up your order at our distribution centre which is at St Faith Church, Station Rd, Maidstone ME14 1LH - call us on 0162206710222 for further assistance 

How many things can be requested at any one time?

We would ask that you kindly ONLY select 3 items at any one time

How often can I come back for more?

For now, once a month please. We'll revisit based on stock from time to time

Do you run a soup kitchen as well?

We are pleased to say, yes we do! it runs every Friday 6pm to 7 at the St Faith Church Maidstone Station Rd, Maidstone ME14 1LH

What else do you do apart from the Foodbank?

We are pleased to say, we run a few services that includes Our Women Networking forum, Christmas Hampers, Soup Kitchen (Soul Kitechen) and a few more. please feel free to contact us on 01622 671222

How can I help you?

Thanks for that great question, you may donate dry goods for our foodbank, or money. and you may donate Hampers during Christmas for families and people in need or money towards a hamper or money towards our orphanage program as well

Who funds all of these?

Everything we do is funded by the selfless generosity of our local church families and countless number of people from the community. We appreciate and are grateful for everyone who has helped us along the way

Is this a seasonal thing?

We are committed to helping people and aim to stay that way as long as we have breath.

How many things can be requested at any one time?

One item per section and 3 items altogether please

What is the criteria please – who can access this service?

This is set up to help those who are not accessing any state funding, but we would consider people who may have problems with their funding as well. Please do not shop if you do not qualify